February 5, 2021

Allow Us to (Re)introduce Ourselves: Tugboat's Slack Community

Jaden Johnston

We’re not just a Support channel anymore! Today, we’re excited to officially (re)launch Tugboat’s Slack Community!

Tugboat has maintained a public Slack workspace as a support channel. Many of our members have found it a valuable place to get quick responses to support and on-boarding questions directly from the developers who create and use Tugboat on a daily basis.

Over time, we’ve seen more and more instances of folx who use Tugboat helping others by answering questions and sharing knowledge - a community organically growing around the tech stacks we each know and use. What better way to celebrate that community, and foster it, than to make it official; Tugboat’s Slack workspace is no longer “just a support channel!” 🎉

An illustration of folx discussing technical topics.
Illustration by Freepik Storyset.

We encourage you to join us to discuss tech stacks, trade tips and info about tools, and share expertise in your respective domains. Tech is such a large industry, no-one can be a domain expert in everything; we’re stronger together, when we can share with and learn from one another.

And if you have some questions about Tugboat while you’re here, we know some amazing people who might be able to answer them for you!

What’s changing?

So, practically speaking, what’s changing? We’ve made a few recent additions and changes to welcome members of the community:

  • New Slack members will automatically join the #community channel. Here you can connect with others who are using Tugboat, or want to learn more about it.
  • We are continuing to provide support in the #support channel. Jump in here if you need some help from Tugboat team and the surrounding community!
  • Take a look at our shiny new Code of Conduct. We’re committed to making this a safe space for folx of all backgrounds and levels of expertise to participate, so these are the guidelines for a welcoming and safe space.

Remember that this is a public community, so be mindful of the general rules and regs - but that doesn’t mean transparency about how we collect, store, or share information. We have updated our Privacy Policy to include specifics for our new Community.

If you’re already a member of the Tugboat Slack, feel free to join the new #community channel. We’ll assume your continued participation in the community signals your acceptance of the Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy updates.

We look forward to seeing you on Slack!

Team Tugboat

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