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Tugboat does something extremely valuable; it allows us to iterate more quickly and flag a greater number of issues earlier. Tugboat empowers our clients to feel like they have their hand more firmly on the ship’s tiller during the development process.

Mark Dorison, Chief Technology Officer / Partner


With Tugboat, we’ve removed the friction from our testing processes. Its ability to spin up ephemeral environments for every feature or bug fix allows us to test changes rapidly and isolate issues quickly, reducing turnaround times and accelerating our development pipeline.

Bram ten Hove

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Tugboat is amazing for a lot of automation stuff, but on the manual side, Tugboat's strength is in empowering our clients to be more involved earlier—to give feedback so we're not having to redo work.

David Burns, Director of Support & Maintenance


The Tugboat integration with Drupal.org issues makes reviewing and testing possible for people who have never been able to do it before. This project uses techonology to lower the barriers of contributing to Drupal.



Not having Tugboat in our workflow would be like no longer using version control for our code. It’s unfathomable even to consider such an idea.

Bram ten Hove, Chief Technology Officer


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