Team Tugboat

Continuous Collaboration Without Limits

Tugboat creates customizable, containerized environments for engineering teams. These ephemeral environments are called Previews, and can be created automatically when a new pull or merge request is made to GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

But it doesn’t stop there. Teams use Tugboat for lots of tasks in the development process; from temporary staging environments, to QA environments, to code reviews; and for more complex DevOps tasks like interoperability testing or experimenting with infrastructure changes. Tugboat is designed to fit your entire software development workflow.

We created Tugboat as a way to reduce technical barriers and increase velocity in the software development lifecycle - and like you, we’re continuously looking for ways to gain efficiencies and live up to the old adage - work smarter, not harder. It still rings true, after a million memes, and even the test of time that was the year 2020.

Tugboat was developed by Lullabot, a Drupal development, design, and strategy agency in 2016 as a tool to facilitate collaboration with dev teams and stakeholders. Tugboat and Lullabot are 100% employee owned and we're a fully distributed and remote team.

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