March 22, 2021

Drupal Contrib: It’s Happening!

Jaden Johnston

Last year, we launched Tugboat for deployment Previews of Drupal Core.

This functionality allows Drupal contributors to preview changes without having to set up a local development environment to review changes. It also makes it much easier to perform usability and accessibility testing, as the visual impact of the changes are easier to access. To date, there are ~ 200 core issues that have preview ability to help accelerate the review process and increase the velocity of core contribution.

Today, we’re super excited to announce that Tugboat deployment Previews are now available for contributed modules and themes on!

It’s incredibly easy to get started. If you maintain a project on, you can enable Previews by adding a Tugboat configuration file to your project. Just follow these steps.

We have been lucky to partner with Senior Developer at Lullabot and Drupal Contributor, Juampy NR to develop this for the community at large. Through this effort, we’ve also been afforded the opportunity to partner closely with Tim Hestenet and Neil Drumm from the Drupal Association. Huge thanks to all who have helped on this initiative. 🤝

If you have feedback or would like to learn more, join the Tugboat Community Slack, or drop us a line at

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