April 28, 2021

Feature Rollout: Repository-Level User Permissions!

Jaden Johnston

We’re thrilled to announce that repository-level user permissions have shipped! Now different users can have different levels of access on a per-repo basis. That means no more needing to have multiple Tugboat projects to manage user access. With repo-level perms, organizations can handle all the repositories of their org from a single Tugboat project, all on a single Tugboat plan. And to top it off, you can still mix and match repos from any Git provider.

Granular access has been the number one requested feature for some time. As Tugboat grows within an org, it becomes essential for managers to have a centralized dashboard to control who has access to repos over time. Take, for example, a digital agency wanting a single interface to manage deployment previews for all their clients. Or a Support and Maintenance team that needs one Tugboat instance to oversee all their support clients. Or a higher ed institution looking to manage their deployment previews campus-wide and across multiple web properties.

Accessing the New Permissions

You’ll find the new user-level management on the settings pages for each repository. A user with repo-level access has one of three roles: Admin, User, and Read-Only.


  • Add and remove users from the repos.
  • Change permissions of other users.
  • Delete repositories.
  • Rename repositories.


  • View the repo edit repository settings.
  • Manage Previews, including managing visual regression tests and Lighthouse reports.


  • View the repos, including viewing visual regression tests and Lighthouse reports.
  • Read-Only users have no access to anything else.

Tugboat plans are tied to projects, which can have any number of repositories. So if you find yourself running low on disk space or need additional RAM or CPU, upgrade your plan, and we’ll take care of the rest!

This feature is available on all plans, existing projects, and new projects. We know you’ve been waiting for this one. Feel free to hit us up with any questions or concerns.


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