November 18, 2020

Introducing: Tugboat Live Previews for Drupal Core

Matt Westgate

The Drupal community unites more than a million open source developers, designers, and contributors worldwide. Because Drupal is a huge part of Tugboat’s beginnings, we’re excited to announce that now Tugboat will generate deployment previews for Drupal Core development.

Drupal and Tugboat icons

A Harmonious Feedback Loop for Your Organization

Over a million passionate developers, designers, and contributors have a new tool facilitating their work together as one big harmonious feedback loop. And, whether you’re a web development and design agency of 60 or an organization of thousands, Tugboat’s hosting-agnostic deploy previews give you the ability to collaborate effectively with your stakeholders, without worrying about access to staging environments or following a complex release process.

Everyone Can Contribute

Historically, Drupal was “by the developers for the developers”. Making contributions to the Drupal development lifecycle required checking out code and building locally, or “watching over the shoulder” of a developer in order to provide feedback.

By adding Tugboat deploy previews to the Drupal Core issue queue, the Drupal Association is investing in a continuous collaboration process that makes the community more inclusive, and contribution to it more holistic. Adding on-demand review environments to Drupal means that in a single click, non-technical team members can provide meaningful and timely feedback in the Drupal development process.

At the time of this writing, roughly a week after the launch of this integration, Tugboat is providing Live Previews for over 40 Drupal issues. Some of the next steps that are currently in discussion include things like adding custom config files, or whether to roll out Live Previews beyond Drupal Core.

Take a look at the documentation for how to leverage this opportunity in Drupal Core.

Get in touch to find out how you can get the tool that’s powering Drupal development in your development process.

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