July 12, 2021

New Site, Who Dis? Tugboat.qa Gets a Makeover

Jaden Johnston

We are so excited to show you our new shiny website!

A few things to know.

  • It's built on Webflow. We're only so big of a team and we needed something faster and more flexible than our previous set up #westilloveyoujekyll. But, when you have a non-technical content editor managing the site, you need to move fast and reduce technical barriers. Which, if you know Tugboat, you know how close our heart that is!
  • We're taking a more simplified approach to our messaging and brand presence. When we first started thinking about our website, we wanted to be more direct in communicating the brand value of Tugboat, and more clear on what the product does. So, by reducing the amount of pages and code snippets on the website, we are providing a simpler path to the right solution for your organization and workflows.
  • Clearer calls to action. We still are not gating any of our content and we don't want you to feel like you don't know who to contact when the time is right. So we've made those CTAs more clear. Say hello!

We hope you like our new home on the internets...drop us a line soon!

Mazel Tov!

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