July 12, 2021

Premium Automated Testing

Jaden Johnston

We know that accessibility, SEO, and site performance are core tenets of an optimized web experience. So, to support this, we've integrated Google Lighthouse into the Tugboat Premium Tiers.

All Premium plans come with the ability to generate audits and issue scores for each of the following areas:

  • Performance: What opportunities are there to speed up page loads?
  • Accessibility: Can users access content and navigate your site effectively?
  • Best Practices: How can I improve the code health of my site?
  • SEO: Can I improve how well search engines understand my content?
  • Progressive Web App: How fast, reliable, and installable is my site?

Enabling the reports is a simple as defining the URLs to scan in your Tugboat YAML config as shown below.

Snapshot of a YAML config file.

The reports are available on the Preview landing page within your Tugboat dashboard. They links to the reports will also appear as comment in your version control provider’s issue queue.

Sample of the Tugboat Dashboard Lighthouse reports.

Clicking on any of the scores will bring you to the audit itself.

Click through of an accessibility score report.

With Premiums plans hosted in our cloud infrastructure, you've got instant access to feature releases (like Google Lighthouse!), and the latest security updates. Get started with automated accessibility & SEO testing for every deploy preview in your organization with this powerful integration.

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