January 3, 2024

Tugboat and Lagoon: A Powerhouse Combo

Chris Albrecht

Tugboat is not a deployment tool. It's also not a hosting platform. It's a service for rapidly creating and managing production-like previews of your website for testing and review before your code gets merged. So, when our friends over at Amazee.io asked how Tugboat could fit within their new hosting platform Lagoon, we immediately saw an opportunity to blend our tools into one powerhouse workstream.

Both systems are built entirely on Docker, so setting up Tugboat using Lagoon's configuration as a basis is a cinch. We even compiled some starter configs for you in our docs to help you get started.  But, to get a full understanding of what each platform does and how to use them together, we decided a webinar and some Q&A could go a long way. Check it out, and if you'd like to give either tool a try, Tugboat has a free trial account and Lagoon customers can request a limited time 20% off Tugboat subscription discount! Contact the team at Amazee.io for details!

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