February 1, 2024

Tugboat Changelog


In This Release...

Accessibility improvements 🎉

Ahoy! You are now able to use Tugboat’s API to update or remove Tugboat repository authentication.

In the UI, there were some inconsistencies on preview states under some circumstances when rebuilding or refreshing. This is now fixed and previews states should reflect exactly their state in the server.

Ever wonder if your preview had just been rebuilt or refreshed? Wonder no more. Previews will now display their last build operation on the UI.

You can now suspend a preview directly from the UI

Recent Releases

February 1, 2024
Several bug fixes and improvements in UI and API
January 19, 2024
Improvements for our internal proxy
January 13, 2024
Several improvements on our Database system
January 10, 2024
Some fixes and improvements to our internal proxy service
December 20, 2023
Some bug fixes and improvements for UI and internal proxy service
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