March 4, 2024

Tugboat Changelog


In This Release...

New Features

  • Tugboat now more efficiently executes config commands when there are dependent services.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if multiple services contained "online" commands and one of those commands failed, none of the other online commands would run. This is now fixed, so that online commands will still run for any services that do not depend on the service whose online commands failed.
  • We've added a cache-control response header to prevent the caching of the Tugboat splash page.
  • Tugboat removed the ability to refresh a failed preview.
  • In your Tugboat config, capital letters in service names have always been illegal. However, Tugboat will now communicate that error back to you if you just happen to make your service names a bit more grandiose.
  • Improvements in color contrast to make the UI more accessible.

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